Class Regression

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable, Classifier, BatchPredictor, CapabilitiesHandler, CapabilitiesIgnorer, CommandlineRunnable, OptionHandler, PMMLModel, RevisionHandler

public class Regression extends PMMLClassifier implements Serializable
Class implementing import of PMML Regression model. Can be used as a Weka classifier for prediction (buildClassifier() raises an Exception).
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Mark Hall (mhall{[at]}pentaho{[dot]}com
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    • Regression

      public Regression(Element model, Instances dataDictionary, MiningSchema miningSchema) throws Exception
      Constructs a new PMML Regression.
      model - the Element containing the regression model
      dataDictionary - the data dictionary as an Instances object
      miningSchema - the mining schema
      Exception - if there is a problem constructing this Regression
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