Class RandomizableIteratedSingleClassifierEnhancer

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable, Classifier, BatchPredictor, CapabilitiesHandler, CapabilitiesIgnorer, CommandlineRunnable, OptionHandler, Randomizable, RevisionHandler
Direct Known Subclasses:
AdaBoostM1, LogitBoost

public abstract class RandomizableIteratedSingleClassifierEnhancer extends IteratedSingleClassifierEnhancer implements Randomizable
Abstract utility class for handling settings common to randomizable meta classifiers that build an ensemble from a single base learner.
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  • Constructor Details

    • RandomizableIteratedSingleClassifierEnhancer

      public RandomizableIteratedSingleClassifierEnhancer()
  • Method Details

    • listOptions

      public Enumeration<Option> listOptions()
      Returns an enumeration describing the available options.
      Specified by:
      listOptions in interface OptionHandler
      listOptions in class IteratedSingleClassifierEnhancer
      an enumeration of all the available options.
    • setOptions

      public void setOptions(String[] options) throws Exception
      Parses a given list of options. Valid options are:

      -W classname
      Specify the full class name of the base learner.

      -I num
      Set the number of iterations (default 10).

      -S num
      Set the random number seed (default 1).

      Options after -- are passed to the designated classifier.

      Specified by:
      setOptions in interface OptionHandler
      setOptions in class IteratedSingleClassifierEnhancer
      options - the list of options as an array of strings
      Exception - if an option is not supported
    • getOptions

      public String[] getOptions()
      Gets the current settings of the classifier.
      Specified by:
      getOptions in interface OptionHandler
      getOptions in class IteratedSingleClassifierEnhancer
      an array of strings suitable for passing to setOptions
    • seedTipText

      public String seedTipText()
      Returns the tip text for this property
      tip text for this property suitable for displaying in the explorer/experimenter gui
    • setSeed

      public void setSeed(int seed)
      Set the seed for random number generation.
      Specified by:
      setSeed in interface Randomizable
      seed - the seed
    • getSeed

      public int getSeed()
      Gets the seed for the random number generations
      Specified by:
      getSeed in interface Randomizable
      the seed for the random number generation