Package inra.ijpb.measure

Quantitative measurements on 2D and 3D images.

  • Interface Summary
    Interface Description
    Common interface for classes devoted to the extraction of information from each region of label or binary image.
  • Class Summary
    Class Description
    GeometricMeasures2D Deprecated.
    use IntrinsicVolumes2D instead
    GeometricMeasures3D Deprecated.
    use IntrinsicVolumes3D instead
    Class to facilitate the calculation of intensity measures by grouping together voxels belonging to the same label.
    Computation of intrinsic volumes(area, perimeter, Euler number) in planar binary or label images.
    Collection of static classes for the computation of intrinsic volumes (volume, surface area, mean breadth and Euler number) for binary or label 3D images.
    Mother class to extract measures from pairs of grayscale and labeled images.
    Builder-type class to hold results Basically it will keep appending results to a larger results table Built in a way where we can chain them together
    Vector3d Deprecated.
    since 1.3.6, replaced by inra.ijpb.geometry.Vector3D