Package weka.gui.graphvisualizer

package weka.gui.graphvisualizer
  • Class
    This is the Exception thrown by BIFParser, if there was an error in parsing the XMLBIF string or input stream.
    This class parses an inputstream or a string in XMLBIF ver.
    This class parses input in DOT format, and builds the datastructures that are passed to it.
    This class represents an edge in the graph
    This class represents a node in the Graph.
    This class displays the graph we want to visualize.
    This class lays out the vertices of a graph in a hierarchy of vertical levels, with a number of nodes in each level.
    This is an event which is fired by a LayoutEngine once a LayoutEngine finishes laying out the graph, so that the Visualizer can repaint the screen to show the changes.
    This interface should be implemented by any class which needs to receive LayoutCompleteEvents from the LayoutEngine.
    This interface class has been added to facilitate the addition of other layout engines to this package.