Class GraphNode

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class GraphNode extends Object implements GraphConstants
This class represents a node in the Graph.
$Revision: 8034 $ - 23 Apr 2003 - Initial version (Ashraf M. Kibriya)
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  • Field Details

    • ID

      public String ID
      ID and label for the node
    • lbl

      public String lbl
      ID and label for the node
    • outcomes

      public String[] outcomes
      The outcomes for the given node
    • probs

      public double[][] probs
      probability table for each outcome given outcomes of parents, if any
    • x

      public int x
      The x and y position of the node
    • y

      public int y
      The x and y position of the node
    • prnts

      public int[] prnts
      The indices of parent nodes
    • edges

      public int[][] edges
      The indices of nodes to which there are edges from this node, plus the type of edge
    • nodeType

      public int nodeType
      Type of node. Default is Normal node type
  • Constructor Details

    • GraphNode

      public GraphNode(String id, String label)
    • GraphNode

      public GraphNode(String id, String label, int type)
  • Method Details

    • equals

      public boolean equals(Object n)
      Returns true if passed in argument is an instance of GraphNode and is equal to this node. Implemented to enable the use of contains method in Vector/FastVector class.
      equals in class Object