Class DotParser

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public class DotParser extends Object implements GraphConstants
This class parses input in DOT format, and builds the datastructures that are passed to it. It is NOT 100% compatible with the DOT format. The GraphNode and GraphEdge classes do not have any provision for dealing with different colours or shapes of nodes, there can however, be a different label and ID for a node. It also does not do anything for labels for edges. However, this class won't crash or throw an exception if it encounters any of the above attributes of an edge or a node. This class however, won't be able to deal with things like subgraphs and grouping of nodes.
$Revision: 10222 $ - 23 Apr 2003 - Initial version (Ashraf M. Kibriya)
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  • Constructor Details

    • DotParser

      public DotParser(Reader input, ArrayList<GraphNode> nodes, ArrayList<GraphEdge> edges)
      Dot parser Constructor
      input - - The input, if passing in a string then encapsulate that in String reader object
      nodes - - Vector to put in GraphNode objects, corresponding to the nodes parsed in from the input
      edges - - Vector to put in GraphEdge objects, corresponding to the edges parsed in from the input
  • Method Details

    • parse

      public String parse()
      This method parses the string or the InputStream that we passed in through the constructor and builds up the m_nodes and m_edges vectors
      - returns the name of the graph
    • writeDOT

      public static void writeDOT(String filename, String graphName, ArrayList<GraphNode> nodes, ArrayList<GraphEdge> edges)
      This method saves a graph in a file in DOT format. However, if reloaded in GraphVisualizer we would need to layout the graph again.
      filename - - The name of the file to write in. (will overwrite)
      graphName - - The name of the graph
      nodes - - Vector containing all the nodes
      edges - - Vector containing all the edges