Class MidPointOfWidestDimension

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, OptionHandler, RevisionHandler, TechnicalInformationHandler

public class MidPointOfWidestDimension extends KDTreeNodeSplitter implements TechnicalInformationHandler
The class that splits a KDTree node based on the midpoint value of a dimension in which the node's points have the widest spread.

For more information see also:

Andrew Moore (1991). A tutorial on kd-trees.


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    booktitle = {University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory Technical Report No. 209},
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$Revision: 8034 $
Ashraf M. Kibriya (amk14[at-the-rate]cs[dot]waikato[dot]ac[dot]nz)
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  • Constructor Details

    • MidPointOfWidestDimension

      public MidPointOfWidestDimension()
  • Method Details

    • globalInfo

      public String globalInfo()
      Returns a string describing this nearest neighbour search algorithm.
      a description of the algorithm for displaying in the explorer/experimenter gui
    • getTechnicalInformation

      public TechnicalInformation getTechnicalInformation()
      Returns an instance of a TechnicalInformation object, containing detailed information about the technical background of this class, e.g., paper reference or book this class is based on.
      Specified by:
      getTechnicalInformation in interface TechnicalInformationHandler
      the technical information about this class
    • splitNode

      public void splitNode(KDTreeNode node, int numNodesCreated, double[][] nodeRanges, double[][] universe) throws Exception
      Splits a node into two based on the midpoint value of the dimension in which the points have the widest spread. After splitting two new nodes are created and correctly initialised. And, node.left and node.right are set appropriately.
      Specified by:
      splitNode in class KDTreeNodeSplitter
      node - The node to split.
      numNodesCreated - The number of nodes that so far have been created for the tree, so that the newly created nodes are assigned correct/meaningful node numbers/ids.
      nodeRanges - The attributes' range for the points inside the node that is to be split.
      universe - The attributes' range for the whole point-space.
      Exception - If there is some problem in splitting the given node.
    • getRevision

      public String getRevision()
      Returns the revision string.
      Specified by:
      getRevision in interface RevisionHandler
      getRevision in class KDTreeNodeSplitter
      the revision