Class KDTreeNodeSplitter

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, OptionHandler, RevisionHandler
Direct Known Subclasses:
KMeansInpiredMethod, MedianOfWidestDimension, MidPointOfWidestDimension, SlidingMidPointOfWidestSide

public abstract class KDTreeNodeSplitter extends Object implements Serializable, OptionHandler, RevisionHandler
Class that splits up a KDTreeNode.
$Revision: 10203 $
Ashraf M. Kibriya (amk14[at-the-rate]cs[dot]waikato[dot]ac[dot]nz)
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  • Field Details

    • MIN

      public static final int MIN
      Index of min value in an array of attributes' range.
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    • MAX

      public static final int MAX
      Index of max value in an array of attributes' range.
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    • WIDTH

      public static final int WIDTH
      Index of width value (max-min) in an array of attributes' range.
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  • Constructor Details

    • KDTreeNodeSplitter

      public KDTreeNodeSplitter()
      default constructor.
    • KDTreeNodeSplitter

      public KDTreeNodeSplitter(int[] instList, Instances insts, EuclideanDistance e)
      Creates a new instance of KDTreeNodeSplitter.
      instList - Reference of the master index array.
      insts - The set of training instances on which the tree is built.
      e - The EuclideanDistance object that is used in tree contruction.
  • Method Details

    • listOptions

      public Enumeration<Option> listOptions()
      Returns an enumeration describing the available options.
      Specified by:
      listOptions in interface OptionHandler
      an enumeration of all the available options.
    • setOptions

      public void setOptions(String[] options) throws Exception
      Parses a given list of options.
      Specified by:
      setOptions in interface OptionHandler
      options - the list of options as an array of strings
      Exception - if an option is not supported
    • getOptions

      public String[] getOptions()
      Gets the current settings of the object.
      Specified by:
      getOptions in interface OptionHandler
      an array of strings suitable for passing to setOptions
    • splitNode

      public abstract void splitNode(KDTreeNode node, int numNodesCreated, double[][] nodeRanges, double[][] universe) throws Exception
      Splits a node into two. After splitting two new nodes are created and correctly initialised. And, node.left and node.right are set appropriately.
      node - The node to split.
      numNodesCreated - The number of nodes that so far have been created for the tree, so that the newly created nodes are assigned correct/meaningful node numbers/ids.
      nodeRanges - The attributes' range for the points inside the node that is to be split.
      universe - The attributes' range for the whole point-space.
      Exception - If there is some problem in splitting the given node.
    • setInstances

      public void setInstances(Instances inst)
      Sets the training instances on which the tree is (or is to be) built.
      inst - The training instances.
    • setInstanceList

      public void setInstanceList(int[] instList)
      Sets the master index array containing indices of the training instances. This array will be rearranged as the tree is built, so that each node is assigned a portion in this array which contain the instances insides the node's region.
      instList - The master index array.
    • setEuclideanDistanceFunction

      public void setEuclideanDistanceFunction(EuclideanDistance func)
      Sets the EuclideanDistance object to use for splitting nodes.
      func - The EuclideanDistance object.
    • setNodeWidthNormalization

      public void setNodeWidthNormalization(boolean normalize)
      Sets whether if a nodes region is normalized or not. If set to true then, when selecting the widest attribute/dimension for splitting, the width of each attribute/dimension, of the points inside the node's region, is divided by the width of that attribute/dimension for the whole point-space. Thus, each attribute/dimension of that node is normalized.
      normalize - Should be true if normalization is required.
    • getRevision

      public String getRevision()
      Returns the revision string.
      Specified by:
      getRevision in interface RevisionHandler
      the revision