Package inra.ijpb.algo

Several classes for managing progress of algorithms. Sample code usage:

        // create ImageJ instance and open an image
        new ImageJ();
        ImagePlus imagePlus = IJ.openImage("");"Input");
        // Create an operator (here a structuring element operation)
        Strel strel = SquareStrel.fromDiameter(21);
        // uses default listener. This will display progress in ImageJ progress bar
        // and display status in ImageJ status bar
        // run the operator on input image
        ImageProcessor image = imagePlus.getProcessor();
        ImageProcessor result = Morphology.dilation(image, strel);
        ImagePlus resultPlus = new ImagePlus("Result", result);"Result");
  • Interface Summary
    Interface Description
    An interface for managing progression and status changes of algorithms.
    Interface for managing progression and status changes of an algorithm.
  • Class Summary
    Class Description
    An event class for storing information about the status and progression of an algorithm.
    A minimal implementation of algorithm for managing progression listeners.
    Utility class that catches algorithm events and displays them on ImageJ main Frame.