Module javafx.base
Package javafx.event

Interface EventTarget

    • Method Detail

      • buildEventDispatchChain

        EventDispatchChain buildEventDispatchChain​(EventDispatchChain tail)
        Construct an event dispatch chain for this target. The event dispatch chain contains event dispatchers which might be interested in processing of events targeted at this EventTarget. This event target is not automatically added to the chain, so if it wants to process events, it needs to add an EventDispatcher for itself to the chain.

        In the case the event target is part of some hierarchy, the chain for it is usually built from event dispatchers collected from the root of the hierarchy to the event target.

        The event dispatch chain is constructed by modifications to the provided initial event dispatch chain. The returned chain should have the initial chain at its end so the dispatchers should be prepended to the initial chain.

        The caller shouldn't assume that the initial chain remains unchanged nor that the returned value will reference a different chain.

        tail - the initial chain to build from
        the resulting event dispatch chain for this target