Package weka.knowledgeflow.steps

package weka.knowledgeflow.steps
  • Class
    Step that alters the relation name for data received via instance, dataSet, trainingSet and testSet connections
    A bean that appends multiple incoming data connections into a single data set.
    Step that wraps a Weka attribute or subset evaluator.
    Step that wraps a Weka attribute selection search strategy.
    Step that wraps a Weka associator.
    Step that collects data to display in a summary overview of attribute distributions
    Abstract base class for simple data visualization steps that just collect data sets for visualization.
    Base class for implementations of Step to use.
    A minimal set of methods, duplicated from the Step interface, that a simple subclass of BaseStep would need to implement in order to function as a start and/or main processing step in the Knowledge Flow.
    A step that waits for a specified step to finish processing before allowing incoming data to proceed downstream.
    A step that computes visualization data for class/cluster decision boundaries.
    Interface for something that wants to be informed of rendering progress updates
    Knowledge Flow step for assigning a class attribute in incoming data
    Step that wraps a Weka classifier.
    Step that implements batch classifier evaluation
    Step that allows the selection of the class label that is to be considered as the "positive" class when computing threshold curves.
    Step that wraps a Weka clusterer.
    A step that evaluates the performance of batch trained clusterers
    Step for storing and viewing threshold data in a cost-benefit visualization
    Step for generating cross-validation splits
    Auxiliary interface for steps that collect data results of some type - e.g.
    Step that wraps a Weka DataGenerator.
    A step that allows the user to define instances to output
    A step that provides a visualization based on weka.gui.visualize.VisualizePanel
    A "dummy" no-op step
    Knowledge Flow step that can execute static system commands or commands that are dynamically defined by the values of attributes in incoming instance or environment connections.
    Step that wraps a Weka filter.
    A step that splits incoming instances (or instance streams) according to the evaluation of a logical expression.
    An expression node that encloses other expression nodes in brackets
    An expression node that represents a clause of an expression
    Abstract base class for parts of a boolean expression.
    Step that outputs data stored in the job environment
    Step for collecting and visualizing graph output from Drawable schemes.
    Step for saving static images as either png or gif.
    A step for collecting and viewing image data
    Step that evaluates incremental classifiers and produces strip chart data
    Step that converts an incoming instance stream to a batch dataset
    Step that executes another flow as a "job".
    Step that performs an inner join on one or more key fields from two incoming batch or streaming datasets.
    KFStep class annotation
    Knowledge Flow step that wraps weka.core.converters.Loaders.
    A Step that makes downstream steps that are directly connected to this step resource intensive (or not).
    Simple start step that stores a set of instances and outputs it in a dataSet connection.
    A Step that collects and displays either classifier error plots or threshold curves
    A Knowledge Flow "step" that implements a note on the GUI layout
    Annotation for properties that should not be persisted
    A helper class that Step implementations can use when processing paired data (e.g.
    Interface for processors of paired data to implement.
    Step that can produce data with predictions appended from batch or incremental classifiers and clusterers
    Step that wraps weka.core.converters.Saver classes
    Step that collects data for display in a scatter plot matrix.
    Step that can send incoming instances to a perspective.
    Step that can save models encapsulated in incoming Data objects to the filesystem.
    Step that accesses property values stored in the flow environment and attempts to set them on the algorithm-based step that it is connected to.
    Step that can be used to set the values of environment variables for the flow being executed.
    Step for sorting instances according to one or more attributes.
    Implements a sorting rule based on a single attribute
    Client API for Knowledge Flow steps.
    Stores property values specified in incoming instances in the flow environment.
    A step that can display a viewer showing a right-to-left scrolling chart for streaming data
    StripChartInteractiveView implements this in order to receive data points.
    Step that appends a label to incoming instances according to substring matches in string attributes.
    A step that can replace sub-strings in the values of string attributes.
    A step that makes an incoming dataSet or trainingSet into a testSet.
    Step for saving textual data to a file.
    Defaults for the step
    A step for collecting and viewing textual data
    Interface for listeners of textual results
    Step that converts an incoming dataSet or testSet into a trainingSet.
    A step that creates a random train/test split from an incoming data set.
    A step that wraps a class of standard Weka algorithm (e.g.
    Step that stores incoming non-incremental data in the job environment
    Step that takes incoming data and writes it to the Weka log