Package weka.knowledgeflow

package weka.knowledgeflow
  • Class
    Base class for execution environments
    Defaults for the base execution environment
    Interface to something that can notify a Step that a Task submitted by ExecutionEnvironment.submitTask() has finished.
    Class for encapsulating data to be transferred between Knowledge Flow steps over a particular connection type.
    Default implementation of a CallbackNotifierDelegate.
    Implementation of a CallbackNotifierDelegate that stores the ExecutionResult and only notifies the callback when the notifyNow() method is called.
    Client (i.e.
    Callback interface for receiving notification of a flow finishing execution
    Stores the result generated by a StepTask.
    Class that encapsulates the Steps involved in a Knowledge Flow process.
    Interface to something that can execute a Knowledge Flow process
    Interface to something that can load a Knowledge Flow
    A FlowExecutor that can launch start points in a flow in parallel or sequentially.
    A simple logging implementation that writes to standard out
    Extended Environment with support for storing results and property values to be set at a later date on the base schemes of WekaAlgorithmWrapper steps.
    Flow loader that wraps the routines in JSONFlowUtils
    Utilities for building and saving flows from JSON data
    Default settings for the Knowledge Flow
    Flow loader that reads legacy .kfml files and translates them to the new implementation.
    Enum for different logging levels
    Class that wraps a weka.gui.Logger and filters log messages according to the set logging level.
    Class annotation that can be used to indicate that something should be executed in a non-parallel manner - i.e.
    A flow runner that runs a flow by injecting data into a target step
    Client public interface for the StepManager.
    Concrete implementation of the StepManager interface.
    Inteface to something that listens to the output from a Step
    A task that can be executed by the ExecutionEnvironment's submitTask() service.
    Callback that Steps can use when executing StepTasks via EnvironmentManager.submitTask().