Class VariableDeclarationsCompositor

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, VariableDeclarations

public class VariableDeclarationsCompositor extends Object implements VariableDeclarations
A helper class that allows to combine several variable declarations together.

It can be thought of as layering several scopes over one another.

It will delegate the hasVariable(String) and getVariable(String) methods to other variable declarations.

Each variable declaration combined is checked in sequential order.

No checks for conflicts are done. Thus shadowing is possible.

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Benjamin Weber ( benweber at student dot ethz dot ch )
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  • Constructor Details

    • VariableDeclarationsCompositor

      public VariableDeclarationsCompositor(VariableDeclarations... declarations)
      Constructs a VariableDeclarationsCompositor containing the provided declarations

      The order of the declarations will determine the order of checking the declarations for variables.

      declarations - the declarations being combined
  • Method Details

    • hasVariable

      public boolean hasVariable(String name)
      Whether the variable is contained in one of the combined declarations.
      Specified by:
      hasVariable in interface VariableDeclarations
      name - name of the variable
      whether the variable is contained in one of the combined declarations
    • getVariable

      public Node getVariable(String name)
      Tries to fetch a variable from one of the combined declarations.

      The same invariant of VariableDeclarations applies here too.
      Specified by:
      getVariable in interface VariableDeclarations
      name - the name of the variable to be fetched
      an AST (abstract syntax tree) node representing the variable