Class AddUserFieldsCustomizer

All Implemented Interfaces:
ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Customizer, Serializable, Accessible, EnvironmentHandler, BeanCustomizer, GOECustomizer

public class AddUserFieldsCustomizer extends JPanel implements EnvironmentHandler, GOECustomizer
Customizer for the AddUserFields filter.
$Revision: 12733 $
Mark Hall (mhall{[at]}pentaho{[dot]}com)
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  • Constructor Details

    • AddUserFieldsCustomizer

      public AddUserFieldsCustomizer()
  • Method Details

    • setEnvironment

      public void setEnvironment(Environment env)
      Set environment variables to use
      Specified by:
      setEnvironment in interface EnvironmentHandler
      env - the variables to use
    • setModifiedListener

      public void setModifiedListener(BeanCustomizer.ModifyListener l)
      Set an object that is interested in knowing when we make a change to the object that we're editing
      Specified by:
      setModifiedListener in interface BeanCustomizer
      l - the ModifiedListener
    • setObject

      public void setObject(Object o)
      Set the filter to edit.
      Specified by:
      setObject in interface Customizer
      o - the filter to edit
    • dontShowOKCancelButtons

      public void dontShowOKCancelButtons()
      Tell this customizer not to show its own OK and Cancel buttons.
      Specified by:
      dontShowOKCancelButtons in interface GOECustomizer
    • closingOK

      public void closingOK()
      Actions to perform when the user has closed the dialog with the OK button.
      Specified by:
      closingOK in interface GOECustomizer
    • closingCancel

      public void closingCancel()
      Actions to perform when the user has closed the dialog with the Cancel button
      Specified by:
      closingCancel in interface GOECustomizer