Class GUI

All Implemented Interfaces:
ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, Accessible, LayoutCompleteEventListener

public class GUI extends JPanel implements LayoutCompleteEventListener
GUI interface to Bayesian Networks. Allows editing Bayesian networks on screen and provides GUI interface to various Bayesian network facilities in Weka, including random network generation, data set generation and Bayesion network inference.
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  • Constructor Details

    • GUI

      public GUI()
      Sets up the gui and initializes all the other previously uninitialized variables.
  • Method Details

    • getMenuBar

      public JMenuBar getMenuBar()
      Get the menu bar for this application.
      the menu bar
    • setAppropriateSize

      public void setAppropriateSize()
      Sets the preferred size for m_GraphPanel GraphPanel to the minimum size that is neccessary to display the graph.
    • layoutCompleted

      public void layoutCompleted(LayoutCompleteEvent le)
      This method is an implementation for LayoutCompleteEventListener class. It sets the size appropriate for m_GraphPanel GraphPanel and and revalidates it's container JScrollPane once a LayoutCompleteEvent is received from the LayoutEngine. Also, it updates positions of the Bayesian network stored in m_BayesNet.
      Specified by:
      layoutCompleted in interface LayoutCompleteEventListener
    • readBIFFromFile

      public void readBIFFromFile(String sFileName) throws BIFFormatException, IOException
      BIF reader
      Reads a graph description in XMLBIF03 from an file with name sFileName
    • main

      public static void main(String[] args)
      Main method. Builds up menus and reads from file if one is specified.