Package javassist

package javassist
The Javassist Core API.

Javassist (Java programming assistant) makes bytecode engineering simple. It is a class library for editing bytecode in Java; it enables Java programs to define a new class at runtime and to modify a given class file when the JVM loads it.

The most significant class of this package is CtClass. See the description of this class first.

To know the version number of this package, type the following command:

java -jar javassist.jar

It prints the version number on the console.

  • Class
    A ByteArrayClassPath contains bytes that is served as a class file to a ClassPool.
    Thrown when bytecode transformation has failed.
    A search-path for obtaining a class file by getResourceAsStream() in java.lang.Class.
    A hash table associating class names with different names.
    ClassPath is an interface implemented by objects representing a class search path.
    A container of CtClass objects.
    Simple translator of method bodies (also see the javassist.expr package).
    Interface containing the method names to be used as array access replacements.
    Default implementation of the ArrayAccessReplacementMethodNames interface giving default values for method names to be used for replacing accesses to array elements.
    CtBehavior represents a method, a constructor, or a static constructor (class initializer).
    An instance of CtClass represents a class.
    An instance of CtConstructor represents a constructor.
    An instance of CtField represents a field.
    Instances of this class specify how to initialize a field.
    An instance of CtMember represents a field, a constructor, or a method.
    An instance of CtMethod represents a method.
    Instances of this class represent a constant parameter.
    A collection of static methods for creating a CtConstructor.
    A collection of static methods for creating a CtMethod.
    An instance of CtPrimitiveType represents a primitive type.
    The class loader for Javassist.
    A simpler class loader.
    A class search-path representing a class loader.
    The Modifier class provides static methods and constants to decode class and member access modifiers.
    Signals that something could not be found.
    Utility for calculating serialVersionUIDs for Serializable classes.
    An observer of Loader.
    A class search-path specified with URL (http).