Module jdk.sctp

Interface NotificationHandler<T>

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    public interface NotificationHandler<T>
    A handler for consuming notifications from the SCTP stack.

    The SCTP channels defined in this package allow a notification handler to be specified to consume notifications from the SCTP stack. When a notification is received the handleNotification method of the handler is invoked to handle that notification.

    Additionally, an attachment object can be attached to the receive operation to provide context when consuming the notification. The attachment is important for cases where a state-less NotificationHandler is used to consume the result of many receive operations.

    Handler implementations are encouraged to extend the AbstractNotificationHandler class which implements this interface and provide notification specific methods. However, an API should generally use this handler interface as the type for parameters, return type, etc. rather than the abstract class.

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      • handleNotification

        HandlerResult handleNotification​(Notification notification,
                                         T attachment)
        Invoked when a notification is received from the SCTP stack.
        notification - The notification
        attachment - The object attached to the receive operation when it was initiated.
        The handler result