Interface HttpResponse.BodySubscriber<T>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - the response body type
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    public static interface HttpResponse.BodySubscriber<T>
    extends Flow.Subscriber<List<ByteBuffer>>
    A BodySubscriber consumes response body bytes and converts them into a higher-level Java type. The class BodySubscriber provides implementations of many common body subscribers.

    The object acts as a Flow.Subscriber<List<ByteBuffer>> to the HTTP Client implementation, which publishes lists of ByteBuffers containing the response body. The Flow of data, as well as the order of ByteBuffers in the Flow lists, is a strictly ordered representation of the response body. Both the Lists and the ByteBuffers, once passed to the subscriber, are no longer used by the HTTP Client. The subscriber converts the incoming buffers of data to some higher-level Java type T.

    The getBody() method returns a CompletionStage<T> that provides the response body object. The CompletionStage must be obtainable at any time. When it completes depends on the nature of type T. In many cases, when T represents the entire body after being consumed then the CompletionStage completes after the body has been consumed. If T is a streaming type, such as InputStream, then it completes before the body has been read, because the calling code uses the InputStream to consume the data.

    API Note:
    To ensure that all resources associated with the corresponding HTTP exchange are properly released, an implementation of BodySubscriber should ensure to request more data until one of onComplete or onError are signalled, or cancel its subscription if unable or unwilling to do so. Calling cancel before exhausting the response body data may cause the underlying HTTP connection to be closed and prevent it from being reused for subsequent operations.
    Implementation Note:
    The flow of data containing the response body is immutable. Specifically, it is a flow of unmodifiable lists of read-only ByteBuffers.
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      • getBody

        CompletionStage<T> getBody()
        Returns a CompletionStage which when completed will return the response body object. This method can be called at any time relative to the other Flow.Subscriber methods and is invoked using the client's executor.
        a CompletionStage for the response body