Module java.desktop
Package java.awt

Class TrayIcon

  • public class TrayIcon
    extends Object
    A TrayIcon object represents a tray icon that can be added to the system tray. A TrayIcon can have a tooltip (text), an image, a popup menu, and a set of listeners associated with it.

    A TrayIcon can generate various MouseEvents and supports adding corresponding listeners to receive notification of these events. TrayIcon processes some of the events by itself. For example, by default, when the right-mouse click is performed on the TrayIcon it displays the specified popup menu. When the mouse hovers over the TrayIcon the tooltip is displayed (this behaviour is platform dependent).

    Note: When the MouseEvent is dispatched to its registered listeners its component property will be set to null. (See ComponentEvent.getComponent()) The source property will be set to this TrayIcon. (See EventObject.getSource())

    Note: A well-behaved TrayIcon implementation will assign different gestures to showing a popup menu and selecting a tray icon.

    A TrayIcon can generate an ActionEvent. On some platforms, this occurs when the user selects the tray icon using either the mouse or keyboard.

    If a SecurityManager is installed, the AWTPermission accessSystemTray must be granted in order to create a TrayIcon. Otherwise the constructor will throw a SecurityException.

    See the SystemTray class overview for an example on how to use the TrayIcon API.

    See Also:
    SystemTray.add(java.awt.TrayIcon), ComponentEvent.getComponent(), EventObject.getSource()