Package org.jfree.chart.ui

package org.jfree.chart.ui
Utility classes that relate to user interface items.
  • Class
    A utility class for aligning rectangles.
    A base class for creating the main frame for simple applications.
    An interface for an object that can draw itself within an area on a Graphics2D.
    A panel for choosing a font from the available system fonts - still a bit of a hack at the moment, but good enough for demonstration applications.
    A field for displaying a font selection.
    The interface for a class that can transform a GradientPaint to fit an arbitrary shape.
    Represents a type of transform for a GradientPaint.
    An enumeration of the horizontal alignment types (LEFT, RIGHT and CENTER).
    Used to indicate either the foreground or background layer.
    Specialised layout manager for a grid of components.
    Represents the three options for adjusting a length: expand, contract, and no change.
    A table cell renderer that formats numbers with right alignment in each cell.
    A panel that displays a paint sample.
    Used to indicate an anchor point for a rectangle.
    Used to indicate the edge of a rectangle.
    Represents the insets for a rectangle, specified in absolute or relative terms.
    A simple class for representing the dimensions of an object.
    Transforms a GradientPaint to range over the width of a target shape.
    A component for choosing a stroke from a list of available strokes.
    A panel that displays a stroke sample.
    Used to indicate the position of an anchor point for a text string.
    A collection of utility methods relating to user interfaces.
    An enumeration of the vertical alignment types (TOP, BOTTOM and CENTER).