JFreeChart 1.5.4 API

JFreeChart is a chart library for the Java platform that can generate a wide variety of charts for use in both client and server-side applications. It has built-in support for Swing, plus JavaFX support is provided via an extension library called JFreeChart-FX (https://github.com/jfree/jfreechart-fx). JFreeChart requires Java 8 or later.

The JFreeChart project is hosted at GitHub: https://github.com/jfree/jfreechart.

Here are some sample charts created with JFreeChart and rendered to SVG using JFreeSVG:

BarChartDemo1.svg NormalDistributionDemo2.svg FlowPlotDemo2.svg PieChartDemo1.svg
Core classes, including JFreeChart and ChartPanel.
A framework for adding annotations to charts.
Axis classes and interfaces.
Blocks and layout classes used extensively by the LegendTitle class.
Date-related classes formerly in the JCommon class library.
Provides a simple (but so far incomplete) framework for editing chart properties.
Classes related to the encoding of charts to different image formats.
Classes representing components of (or entities in) a chart.
Event classes and listener interfaces, used to provide a change notification mechanism so that charts are automatically redrawn whenever changes are made to any chart component.
Classes, including ImageMapUtils, for creating HTML image maps.
Generators and other classes used for the display of item labels and tooltips.
A range of objects that can be used to represent the needle on a CompassPlot.
Classes related to the ChartPanel class.
Plot classes and related interfaces.
Classes for creating dial plots.
Classes for creating flow plots (a type of Sankey chart).
Core support for the plug-in renderers used by the CategoryPlot and XYPlot classes.
Plug-in renderers for the CategoryPlot class.
Plug-in renderers for the XYPlot class.
Classes for providing useful servlet and JSP functionality.
Text-related classes formerly in the JCommon class library.
Classes used to display chart titles and subtitles.
Utility classes that relate to user interface items.
Classes for adding URLS to charts for HTML image map generation.
Utility classes used by JFreeChart.
The base package for classes that represent various types of data.
A package containing the CategoryDataset interface and related classes.
Data interfaces and classes for flow plots (a type of Sankey chart).
Representation for simple functions.
Data interfaces and classes for Gantt charts.
Data interfaces and classes.
Miscellaneous support for input/output of data.
Dataset classes that fetch data from a database via JDBC.
Utilities for reading/writing data to/from JSON format.
Utility classes for JSON, for internal use only.
Resource bundles for items that require localisation.
Classes for representing statistical data.
Interfaces and classes for time-related data.
Classes for representing financial data in open-high-low-close form.
Support for reading datasets from XML files.
A package containing the XYDataset interface and related classes.