Interface IViewerLabelProvider

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    DecoratingLabelProvider, ListeningLabelProvider, org.eclipse.jface.internal.databinding.provisional.viewers.ViewerLabelProvider

    public interface IViewerLabelProvider
    extends IBaseLabelProvider
    Extends IBaseLabelProvider with the methods to update the label for a given element. The label is represented by a ViewerLabel. Unlike ILabelProvider, this allows the text and image to be set in the same request, rather than via separate requests.

    It also allows the current values for the text and image to be considered by the label provider, allowing for potential optimizations. For example, decorating label providers that run in the background can hold off applying an update to a previously populated label until the decoration is ready, thereby reducing flicker.

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      • updateLabel

        void updateLabel​(ViewerLabel label,
                         Object element)
        Updates the label for the given element.
        label - the label to update
        element - the element