Interface IDelayedLabelDecorator

  • All Superinterfaces:
    IBaseLabelProvider, ILabelDecorator
    All Known Subinterfaces:

    public interface IDelayedLabelDecorator
    extends ILabelDecorator
    A delayed label decorator is a label decorator that may not have a decoration available immediately. This interface defines the methods for requesting the preparation of a decorator for an object and for querying if the decorator is ready. Interested parties should register an ILabelProviderListener with a delayed label decorator in order to be informed when the decoration is ready.
    • Method Detail

      • prepareDecoration

        boolean prepareDecoration​(Object element,
                                  String originalText)
        Prepare the element for decoration. If it is already decorated and ready for update return true. If decoration is pending return false.
        element - The element to be decorated
        originalText - The starting text.
        boolean true if the decoration is ready for this element