Interface IReconciler

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    AbstractReconciler, MonoReconciler, Reconciler

    public interface IReconciler
    An IReconciler defines and maintains a model of the content of the text viewer's document in the presence of changes applied to this document. An IReconciler is a ITextViewer add-on.

    Reconcilers are assumed to be asynchronous, i.e. they allow a certain temporal window of inconsistency between the document and the model of the content of this document.

    Reconcilers have a list of IReconcilingStrategy objects each of which is registered for a particular document content type. The reconciler uses the strategy objects to react on the changes applied to the text viewer's document.

    In order to provide backward compatibility for clients of IReconciler, extension interfaces are used to provide a means of evolution. The following extension interfaces exist:

    • IReconcilerExtension since version 3.0 introducing the ability to be aware of documents with multiple partitionings.

    The interface can be implemented by clients. By default, clients use MonoReconciler or Reconciler as the standard implementers of this interface.

    See Also:
    ITextViewer, IReconcilingStrategy
    • Method Detail

      • install

        void install​(ITextViewer textViewer)
        Installs the reconciler on the given text viewer. After this method has been finished, the reconciler is operational, i.e., it works without requesting further client actions until uninstall is called.
        textViewer - the viewer on which the reconciler is installed
      • uninstall

        void uninstall()
        Removes the reconciler from the text viewer it has previously been installed on.
      • getReconcilingStrategy

        IReconcilingStrategy getReconcilingStrategy​(String contentType)
        Returns the reconciling strategy registered with the reconciler for the specified content type.
        contentType - the content type for which to determine the reconciling strategy
        the reconciling strategy registered for the given content type, or null if there is no such strategy