Class AbstractReconciler

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    Direct Known Subclasses:
    MonoReconciler, Reconciler

    public abstract class AbstractReconciler
    extends Object
    implements IReconciler
    Abstract implementation of IReconciler. The reconciler listens to input document changes as well as changes of the input document of the text viewer it is installed on. Depending on its configuration it manages the received change notifications in a queue folding neighboring or overlapping changes together. The reconciler processes the dirty regions as a background activity after having waited for further changes for the configured duration of time. A reconciler is started using the install(ITextViewer) method. As a first step initialProcess() is executed in the background. Then, the reconciling thread waits for changes that need to be reconciled. A reconciler can be resumed by calling forceReconciling() independent from the existence of actual changes. This mechanism is for subclasses only. It is the clients responsibility to stop a reconciler using its uninstall() method. Unstopped reconcilers do not free their resources.

    It is subclass responsibility to specify how dirty regions are processed.

    See Also:
    IDocumentListener, ITextInputListener, DirtyRegion
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractReconciler

        protected AbstractReconciler()
        Creates a new reconciler without configuring it.
    • Method Detail

      • process

        protected abstract void process​(DirtyRegion dirtyRegion)
        Processes a dirty region. If the dirty region is null the whole document is consider being dirty. The dirty region is partitioned by the document and each partition is handed over to a reconciling strategy registered for the partition's content type.
        dirtyRegion - the dirty region to be processed
      • reconcilerDocumentChanged

        protected abstract void reconcilerDocumentChanged​(IDocument newDocument)
        Hook called when the document whose contents should be reconciled has been changed, i.e., the input document of the text viewer this reconciler is installed on. Usually, subclasses use this hook to inform all their reconciling strategies about the change.
        newDocument - the new reconciler document
      • setDelay

        public void setDelay​(int delay)
        Tells the reconciler how long it should wait for further text changes before activating the appropriate reconciling strategies.
        delay - the duration in milliseconds of a change collection period.
      • setIsIncrementalReconciler

        public void setIsIncrementalReconciler​(boolean isIncremental)
        Tells the reconciler whether any of the available reconciling strategies is interested in getting detailed dirty region information or just in the fact that the document has been changed. In the second case, the reconciling can not incrementally be pursued.
        isIncremental - indicates whether this reconciler will be configured with incremental reconciling strategies
        See Also:
        DirtyRegion, IReconcilingStrategy
      • setIsAllowedToModifyDocument

        public void setIsAllowedToModifyDocument​(boolean isAllowedToModify)
        Tells the reconciler whether it is allowed to change the document inside its reconciler thread.

        If this is set to false an UnsupportedOperationException will be thrown when this restriction will be violated.

        isAllowedToModify - indicates whether this reconciler is allowed to modify the document
      • setProgressMonitor

        public void setProgressMonitor​(IProgressMonitor monitor)
        Sets the progress monitor of this reconciler.
        monitor - the monitor to be used
      • isIncrementalReconciler

        protected boolean isIncrementalReconciler()
        Returns whether any of the reconciling strategies is interested in detailed dirty region information.
        whether this reconciler is incremental
        See Also:
      • getDocument

        protected IDocument getDocument()
        Returns the input document of the text viewer this reconciler is installed on.
        the reconciler document
      • getTextViewer

        protected ITextViewer getTextViewer()
        Returns the text viewer this reconciler is installed on.
        the text viewer this reconciler is installed on
      • getProgressMonitor

        protected IProgressMonitor getProgressMonitor()
        Returns the progress monitor of this reconciler.
        the progress monitor of this reconciler
      • install

        public void install​(ITextViewer textViewer)
        Description copied from interface: IReconciler
        Installs the reconciler on the given text viewer. After this method has been finished, the reconciler is operational, i.e., it works without requesting further client actions until uninstall is called.
        Specified by:
        install in interface IReconciler
        textViewer - the viewer on which the reconciler is installed
      • uninstall

        public void uninstall()
        Description copied from interface: IReconciler
        Removes the reconciler from the text viewer it has previously been installed on.
        Specified by:
        uninstall in interface IReconciler
      • aboutToBeReconciled

        protected void aboutToBeReconciled()
        Hook for subclasses which want to perform some action as soon as reconciliation is needed.

        Default implementation is to do nothing.

      • initialProcess

        protected void initialProcess()
        This method is called on startup of the background activity. It is called only once during the life time of the reconciler. Clients may reimplement this method.
      • forceReconciling

        protected void forceReconciling()
        Forces the reconciler to reconcile the structure of the whole document. Clients may extend this method.
      • startReconciling

        protected void startReconciling()
        Starts the reconciler to reconcile the queued dirty-regions. Clients may extend this method.
      • reconcilerReset

        protected void reconcilerReset()
        Hook that is called after the reconciler thread has been reset.
      • isRunningInReconcilerThread

        protected boolean isRunningInReconcilerThread()
        Tells whether the code is running in this reconciler's background thread.
        true if running in this reconciler's background thread