Class ValueVetter

  extended by
      extended by

public abstract class ValueVetter
extends ValueProcessor

Provides support for verifying data values (i.e. seeing that they aren't equal to one or more special values).

Instances are immutable.

Steven R. Emmerson

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
protected ValueVetter()
          Constructs from nothing.
Method Summary
static ValueVetter valueVetter(double[] values)
          Returns an instance of this class given an array of special values.
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Constructor Detail


protected ValueVetter()
Constructs from nothing.

Method Detail


public static ValueVetter valueVetter(double[] values)
Returns an instance of this class given an array of special values. If the trivial vetter can be returned, then it is. During processing, if a value to be processed equals a special value, then it is replaced with a NaN.

values - The special values. May be null. Elements may be NaN. The array might not be cloned and might be reordered.