Interface PrintableHandler

All Known Implementing Classes:
AttributeVisualizationPanel, HierarchyVisualizer, LayoutPanel, PrintableComponent, PrintablePanel, ThresholdVisualizePanel, TreeVisualizer, VisualizePanel

public interface PrintableHandler
This interface is for all JComponent classes that provide the ability to print itself to a file.
$Revision: 10222 $
FracPete (fracpete at waikato dot ac dot nz)
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  • Method Details

    • getWriters

      returns a Hashtable with the current available JComponentWriters in the save dialog. the key of the Hashtable is the description of the writer.
      all currently available JComponentWriters
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    • getWriter

      JComponentWriter getWriter(String name)
      returns the JComponentWriter associated with the given name, is null if not found
      the writer associated with the given name
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    • setSaveDialogTitle

      void setSaveDialogTitle(String title)
      sets the title for the save dialog
    • getSaveDialogTitle

      String getSaveDialogTitle()
      returns the title for the save dialog
    • setScale

      void setScale(double x, double y)
      sets the scale factor
      x - the scale factor for the x-axis
      y - the scale factor for the y-axis
    • getXScale

      double getXScale()
      returns the scale factor for the x-axis
    • getYScale

      double getYScale()
      returns the scale factor for the y-axis
    • saveComponent

      void saveComponent()
      displays a save dialog for saving the component to a file.