Package weka.filters.supervised.attribute

package weka.filters.supervised.attribute
  • Classes
    A filter for adding the classification, the class distribution and an error flag to a dataset with a classifier.
    A supervised attribute filter that can be used to select attributes.
    Converts the values of nominal and/or numeric attributes into class conditional probabilities.
    Changes the order of the classes so that the class values are no longer of in the order specified in the header.
    An instance filter that discretizes a range of numeric attributes in the dataset into nominal attributes.
    Merges values of all nominal attributes among the specified attributes, excluding the class attribute, using the CHAID method, but without considering re-splitting of merged subsets.
    Converts all nominal attributes into binary numeric attributes.
    * A filter that uses a PartitionGenerator to generate partition membership values; filtered instances are composed of these values plus the class attribute (if set in the input data) and rendered as sparse instances.