Package weka.filters

package weka.filters
  • Class
    A simple instance filter that passes all instances directly through.
    A simple class for checking the source generated from Filters implementing the weka.filters.Sourcable interface.
    An abstract class for instance filters: objects that take instances as input, carry out some transformation on the instance and then output the instance.
    Applies several filters successively.
    A simple filter that allows the relation name of a set of instances to be altered in various ways.
    This filter is a superclass for simple batch filters.
    This filter contains common behavior of the SimpleBatchFilter and the SimpleStreamFilter.
    This filter is a superclass for simple stream filters.
    Interface for filters that can be converted to Java source.
    Interface for filters can work with a stream of instances.
    Interface for filters that make use of a class attribute.
    Interface for filters that do not need a class attribute.