Class JavaMacro

All Implemented Interfaces:
Macro, MacroDeclarations

public class JavaMacro extends Object implements MacroDeclarations, Macro
A macro declarations that exposes the java macro to a program.

The java macro can be used as follows
java(class, signature, arguments)

Where class is the name of class, signature is the signature of the function and arguments is a list of arguments passed to the java function.

The signature follows the pattern:
type name '(' [ type [ ',' type ]* ] ')'
where type is one of 'boolean', 'double' or 'String' and name must be a valid java identifier.

  • java('java.lang.Math', 'double sqrt(double)', 4.0)
  • java('java.lang.String', 'String valueOf(double)', 2^30)
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      public JavaMacro()
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