Package weka.classifiers.evaluation.output.prediction

package weka.classifiers.evaluation.output.prediction
  • Classes
    A superclass for outputting the classifications of a classifier.
    Outputs the predictions as CSV.
    Outputs the predictions in HTML.
    * Stores the predictions in memory for programmatic retrieval.
    * Stores the instance, a prediction object and a map of attribute names with their associated values if an attribute was defined in a container per prediction.
    * The list of predictions can get retrieved using the getPredictions() method.
    * File output is disabled and buffer doesn't need to be supplied.
    Container for storing the predictions alongside the additional attributes.
    Suppresses all output.
    Outputs the predictions in plain text.
    Outputs the predictions in XML.

    The following DTD is used:

    <!DOCTYPE predictions
    <!ELEMENT predictions (prediction*)>
    <!ATTLIST predictions version CDATA "3.5.8">
    <!ATTLIST predictions name CDATA #REQUIRED>

    <!ELEMENT prediction ((actual_label,predicted_label,error,(prediction|distribution),attributes?)|(actual_value,predicted_value,error,attributes?))>
    <!ATTLIST prediction index CDATA #REQUIRED>

    <!ELEMENT actual_label ANY>
    <!ATTLIST actual_label index CDATA #REQUIRED>
    <!ELEMENT predicted_label ANY>
    <!ATTLIST predicted_label index CDATA #REQUIRED>
    <!ELEMENT error ANY>
    <!ELEMENT prediction ANY>
    <!ELEMENT distribution (class_label+)>
    <!ELEMENT class_label ANY>
    <!ATTLIST class_label index CDATA #REQUIRED>
    <!ATTLIST class_label predicted (yes|no) "no">
    <!ELEMENT actual_value ANY>
    <!ELEMENT predicted_value ANY>
    <!ELEMENT attributes (attribute+)>
    <!ELEMENT attribute ANY>
    <!ATTLIST attribute index CDATA #REQUIRED>
    <!ATTLIST attribute name CDATA #REQUIRED>
    <!ATTLIST attribute type (numeric|date|nominal|string|relational) #REQUIRED>