Package javassist.bytecode.analysis

package javassist.bytecode.analysis
Bytecode Analysis API.

This package provides an API for performing data-flow analysis on a method's bytecode. This allows the user to determine the type state of the stack and local variable table at the start of every instruction. In addition this API can be used to validate bytecode, find dead bytecode, and identify unnecessary checkcasts. Look at ControlFlow class first for details.

The users of this package must know the specifications of class file and Java bytecode. For more details, read this book:

  • Tim Lindholm and Frank Yellin, "The Java Virtual Machine Specification 2nd Ed.", Addison-Wesley, 1999.
  • Classes
    A data-flow analyzer that determines the type state of the stack and local variable table at every reachable instruction in a method.
    Represents the control flow graph of a given method.
    Basic block.
    Represents a catch clause.
    A node of (post) dominator trees.
    Executor is responsible for modeling the effects of a JVM instruction on a frame.
    Represents the stack frame and local variable table at a particular point in time.
    A utility class for printing a merged view of the frame state and the instructions of a method.
    Represents an array of MultiType instances.
    MultiType represents an unresolved type.
    Represents a nested method subroutine (marked by JSR and RET).
    Discovers the subroutines in a method, and tracks all callers.
    Represents a JVM type in data-flow analysis.
    A set of common utility methods.