Class Preloader.StateChangeNotification

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    public static class Preloader.StateChangeNotification
    extends Object
    implements Preloader.PreloaderNotification
    A notification that signals a change in the application state. A state change notification is sent to a preloader immediately prior to loading the application class (and constructing an instance), calling the application init method, or calling the application start method.
    JavaFX 2.0
    • Constructor Detail

      • StateChangeNotification

        public StateChangeNotification​(Preloader.StateChangeNotification.Type notificationType)
        Constructs a StateChangeNotification of the specified type.
        notificationType - the type of this notification.
      • StateChangeNotification

        public StateChangeNotification​(Preloader.StateChangeNotification.Type notificationType,
                                       Application application)
        Constructs an StateChangeNotification of the specified type for the specified application.
        notificationType - the type of this notification.
        application - the application instance associated with this notification.
    • Method Detail

      • getApplication

        public Application getApplication()
        Returns the Application instance associated with this notification. This is null for a BEFORE_LOAD notification and non-null for other notification types.
        the Application instance or null.