Class HostServices

  • public final class HostServices
    extends Object
    This class provides HostServices for an Application. This includes methods to get the code base and document base for an Application, and to show a web page in a browser.
    JavaFX 2.0
    • Method Detail

      • getCodeBase

        public final String getCodeBase()
        Gets the code base URI for this application. This method returns the directory containing the application jar file. If the application is not packaged in a jar file, this method returns the empty string.
        the code base URI for this application.
      • getDocumentBase

        public final String getDocumentBase()
        Gets the document base URI for this application. This method returns the URI of the current directory.
        the document base URI for this application.
      • resolveURI

        public final String resolveURI​(String base,
                                       String rel)
        Resolves the specified relative URI against the base URI and returns the resolved URI.


             HostServices services = getHostServices();
             String myImage = services.resolveURI(services.getDocumentBase(),
             Image image = new Image(myImage);
        base - the base URI against which to resolve the relative URI
        rel - the relative URI to be resolved
        the fully resolved URI.
        NullPointerException - if either the base or the rel strings are null.
        IllegalArgumentException - if there is an error parsing either the base or rel URI strings, or if there is any other error in resolving the URI.
      • showDocument

        public final void showDocument​(String uri)
        Opens the specified URI in a new browser window or tab. The determination of whether it is a new browser window or a tab in an existing browser window will be made by the browser preferences. Note that this will respect the pop-up blocker settings of the default browser; it will not try to circumvent them.
        uri - the URI of the web page that will be opened in a browser.