Module jdk.zipfs

Provides the implementation of the Zip file system provider. The Zip file system provider treats the contents of a Zip or JAR file as a file system.

Accessing a Zip File System

The FileSystems newFileSystem static factory methods can be used to:
  • Create a Zip file system
  • Open an existing file as a Zip file system

URI Scheme Used to Identify the Zip File System

The URI scheme that identifies the ZIP file system is jar.

Zip File System Properties

The following properties may be specified when creating a Zip file system:
Configurable properties that may be specified when creating a new Zip file system
Property Name Data Type Default Value Description
create java.lang.String false If the value is true, the Zip file system provider creates a new Zip or JAR file if it does not exist.
encoding java.lang.String UTF-8 The value indicates the encoding scheme for the names of the entries in the Zip or JAR file.


Construct a new Zip file system that is identified by a URI. If the Zip file does not exist, it will be created:

     URI uri = URI.create("jar:file:/home/luckydog/");
     Map<String, String> env = Map.of("create", "true");
     FileSystem zipfs = FileSystems.newFileSystem(uri, env);
Construct a new Zip file system that is identified by specifying a path and using automatic file type detection. Iterate from the root of the JAR displaying each found entry:

     FileSystem zipfs = FileSystems.newFileSystem(Path.of("helloworld.jar"), null);
     Path rootDir = zipfs.getPath("/");
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