Module jdk.sctp

Class SendFailedNotification

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public abstract class SendFailedNotification
    extends Object
    implements Notification
    Notification emitted when a send failed notification has been received.

    A send failed notification indicates that a message cannot be delivered. Typically this is because the association has been shutdown with unsent data in the socket output buffer, or in the case of a SctpMultiChannel the association failed to setup.

    • Constructor Detail

      • SendFailedNotification

        protected SendFailedNotification()
        Initializes a new instance of this class.
    • Method Detail

      • address

        public abstract SocketAddress address()
        Returns the address.
        The peer primary address of the association or the address that the message was sent to
      • buffer

        public abstract ByteBuffer buffer()
        Returns the data that was to be sent.
        The user data. The buffers position will be 0 and its limit will be set to the end of the data.
      • errorCode

        public abstract int errorCode()
        Returns the error code.

        The errorCode gives the reason why the send failed, and if set, will be a SCTP protocol error code as defined in RFC2960 section 3.3.10

        The error code
      • streamNumber

        public abstract int streamNumber()
        Returns the stream number that the messge was to be sent on.
        The stream number