Module jdk.jdi

Interface Connector

    • Method Detail

      • name

        String name()
        Returns a short identifier for the connector. Connector implementors should follow similar naming conventions as are used with packages to avoid name collisions. For example, the Sun connector implementations have names prefixed with "com.sun.jdi.". Not intended for exposure to end-user.
        the name of this connector.
      • description

        String description()
        Returns a human-readable description of this connector and its purpose.
        the description of this connector
      • transport

        Transport transport()
        Returns the transport mechanism used by this connector to establish connections with a target VM.
        the Transport used by this connector.
      • defaultArguments

        Map<String,​Connector.Argument> defaultArguments()
        Returns the arguments accepted by this Connector and their default values. The keys of the returned map are string argument names. The values are Connector.Argument containing information about the argument and its default value.
        the map associating argument names with argument information and default value.