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Interface Doclet

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    public interface Doclet
    The user doclet must implement this interface, as described in the package description. Each implementation of a Doclet must provide a public no-argument constructor to be used by tools to instantiate the doclet. The tool infrastructure will interact with classes implementing this interface as follows:
    1. The tool will create an instance of a doclet using the no-arg constructor of the doclet class.
    2. Next, the tool calls the init method with an appropriate locale and reporter.
    3. Afterwards, the tool calls getSupportedOptions, and getSupportedSourceVersion. These methods are only called once.
    4. As appropriate, the tool calls the run method on the doclet object, giving it a DocletEnvironment object, from which the doclet can determine the elements to be included in the documentation.

    If a doclet object is created and used without the above protocol being followed, then the doclet's behavior is not defined by this interface specification.

    To start the doclet, pass -doclet followed by the fully-qualified name of the entry point class (i.e. the implementation of this interface) on the javadoc tool command line.

    • Method Detail

      • init

        void init​(Locale locale,
                  Reporter reporter)
        Initializes this doclet with the given locale and error reporter. This locale will be used by the reporter and the doclet components.
        locale - the locale to be used
        reporter - the reporter to be used
      • getName

        String getName()
        Returns a name identifying the doclet. A name is a simple identifier without white spaces, as defined in The Java™ Language Specification, section 6.2 "Names and Identifiers".
        name of the Doclet
      • getSupportedOptions

        Set<? extends Doclet.Option> getSupportedOptions()
        Returns all the supported options.
        a set containing all the supported options, an empty set if none
      • getSupportedSourceVersion

        SourceVersion getSupportedSourceVersion()
        Returns the version of the Java Programming Language supported by this doclet.
        the language version supported by this doclet, usually the latest version
      • run

        boolean run​(DocletEnvironment environment)
        The entry point of the doclet. Further processing will commence as instructed by this method.
        environment - from which essential information can be extracted
        true on success