Module jdk.compiler

Interface Plugin

  • public interface Plugin
    The interface for a javac plug-in.

    The javac plug-in mechanism allows a user to specify one or more plug-ins on the javac command line, to be started soon after the compilation has begun. Plug-ins are identified by a user-friendly name. Each plug-in that is started will be passed an array of strings, which may be used to provide the plug-in with values for any desired options or other arguments.

    Plug-ins are located via a ServiceLoader, using the same class path as annotation processors (i.e. ANNOTATION_PROCESSOR_PATH or -processorpath).

    It is expected that a typical plug-in will simply register a TaskListener to be informed of events during the execution of the compilation, and that the rest of the work will be done by the task listener.

    • Method Detail

      • getName

        String getName()
        Returns the user-friendly name of this plug-in.
        the user-friendly name of the plug-in
      • init

        void init​(JavacTask task,
                  String... args)
        Initializes the plug-in for a given compilation task.
        task - The compilation task that has just been started
        args - Arguments, if any, for the plug-in