Module java.desktop

Class SynthToolBarUI

    • Constructor Detail

      • SynthToolBarUI

        public SynthToolBarUI()
    • Method Detail

      • createUI

        public static ComponentUI createUI​(JComponent c)
        Creates a new UI object for the given component.
        c - component to create UI object for
        the UI object
      • createLayout

        protected LayoutManager createLayout()
        Creates a LayoutManager to use with the toolbar.
        a LayoutManager instance
      • update

        public void update​(Graphics g,
                           JComponent c)
        Notifies this UI delegate to repaint the specified component. This method paints the component background, then calls the paint(SynthContext,Graphics) method.

        In general, this method does not need to be overridden by subclasses. All Look and Feel rendering code should reside in the paint method.

        update in class ComponentUI
        g - the Graphics object used for painting
        c - the component being painted
        See Also:
      • paintContent

        protected void paintContent​(SynthContext context,
                                    Graphics g,
                                    Rectangle bounds)
        Paints the toolbar content.
        context - context for the component being painted
        g - Graphics object used for painting
        bounds - bounding box for the toolbar