Module java.desktop

Class BasicScrollPaneUI

    • Field Detail

      • scrollpane

        protected JScrollPane scrollpane
        The instance of JScrollPane.
      • vsbChangeListener

        protected ChangeListener vsbChangeListener
        ChangeListener installed on the vertical scrollbar.
      • hsbChangeListener

        protected ChangeListener hsbChangeListener
        ChangeListener installed on the horizontal scrollbar.
      • viewportChangeListener

        protected ChangeListener viewportChangeListener
        ChangeListener installed on the viewport.
      • spPropertyChangeListener

        protected PropertyChangeListener spPropertyChangeListener
        PropertyChangeListener installed on the scroll pane.
    • Constructor Detail

      • BasicScrollPaneUI

        public BasicScrollPaneUI()
    • Method Detail

      • createUI

        public static ComponentUI createUI​(JComponent x)
        Returns a new instance of BasicScrollPaneUI.
        x - a component.
        a new instance of BasicScrollPaneUI
      • getMaximumSize

        public Dimension getMaximumSize​(JComponent c)
        Description copied from class: ComponentUI
        Returns the specified component's maximum size appropriate for the look and feel. If null is returned, the maximum size will be calculated by the component's layout manager instead (this is the preferred approach for any component with a specific layout manager installed). The default implementation of this method invokes getPreferredSize and returns that value.
        getMaximumSize in class ComponentUI
        c - the component whose maximum size is being queried; this argument is often ignored, but might be used if the UI object is stateless and shared by multiple components
        new Dimension(Short.MAX_VALUE, Short.MAX_VALUE)
        See Also:
        JComponent.getMaximumSize(), LayoutManager2.maximumLayoutSize(java.awt.Container)
      • installDefaults

        protected void installDefaults​(JScrollPane scrollpane)
        Installs default properties.
        scrollpane - an instance of JScrollPane
      • installListeners

        protected void installListeners​(JScrollPane c)
        Registers listeners.
        c - an instance of JScrollPane
      • installKeyboardActions

        protected void installKeyboardActions​(JScrollPane c)
        Registers keyboard actions.
        c - an instance of JScrollPane
      • uninstallDefaults

        protected void uninstallDefaults​(JScrollPane c)
        Uninstalls default properties.
        c - an instance of JScrollPane
      • uninstallListeners

        protected void uninstallListeners​(JComponent c)
        Unregisters listeners.
        c - a component
      • uninstallKeyboardActions

        protected void uninstallKeyboardActions​(JScrollPane c)
        Unregisters keyboard actions.
        c - an instance of JScrollPane
      • syncScrollPaneWithViewport

        protected void syncScrollPaneWithViewport()
        Synchronizes the JScrollPane with Viewport.
      • createViewportChangeListener

        protected ChangeListener createViewportChangeListener()
        Returns an instance of viewport ChangeListener.
        an instance of viewport ChangeListener
      • createHSBChangeListener

        protected ChangeListener createHSBChangeListener()
        Returns an instance of horizontal scroll bar ChangeListener.
        an instance of horizontal scroll bar ChangeListener
      • createVSBChangeListener

        protected ChangeListener createVSBChangeListener()
        Returns an instance of vertical scroll bar ChangeListener.
        an instance of vertical scroll bar ChangeListener
      • updateScrollBarDisplayPolicy

        protected void updateScrollBarDisplayPolicy​(PropertyChangeEvent e)
        Updates a scroll bar display policy.
        e - the property change event
      • updateViewport

        protected void updateViewport​(PropertyChangeEvent e)
        Updates viewport.
        e - the property change event
      • updateRowHeader

        protected void updateRowHeader​(PropertyChangeEvent e)
        Updates row header.
        e - the property change event
      • updateColumnHeader

        protected void updateColumnHeader​(PropertyChangeEvent e)
        Updates column header.
        e - the property change event
      • createPropertyChangeListener

        protected PropertyChangeListener createPropertyChangeListener()
        Creates an instance of PropertyChangeListener that's added to the JScrollPane by installUI(). Subclasses can override this method to return a custom PropertyChangeListener, e.g.
         class MyScrollPaneUI extends BasicScrollPaneUI {
            protected PropertyChangeListener createPropertyChangeListener() {
                return new MyPropertyChangeListener();
            public class MyPropertyChangeListener extends PropertyChangeListener {
                public void propertyChange(PropertyChangeEvent e) {
                    if (e.getPropertyName().equals("viewport")) {
                        // do some extra work when the viewport changes
        an instance of PropertyChangeListener
        See Also:
        PropertyChangeListener, ComponentUI.installUI(javax.swing.JComponent)