Module java.base

Class SNIMatcher

  • public abstract class SNIMatcher
    extends Object
    Instances of this class represent a matcher that performs match operations on an SNIServerName instance.

    Servers can use Server Name Indication (SNI) information to decide if specific SSLSocket or SSLEngine instances should accept a connection. For example, when multiple "virtual" or "name-based" servers are hosted on a single underlying network address, the server application can use SNI information to determine whether this server is the exact server that the client wants to access. Instances of this class can be used by a server to verify the acceptable server names of a particular type, such as host names.

    SNIMatcher objects are immutable. Subclasses should not provide methods that can change the state of an instance once it has been created.

    See Also:
    SNIServerName, SNIHostName, SSLParameters.getSNIMatchers(), SSLParameters.setSNIMatchers(Collection)
    • Constructor Detail

      • SNIMatcher

        protected SNIMatcher​(int type)
        Creates an SNIMatcher using the specified server name type.
        type - the type of the server name that this matcher performs on
        IllegalArgumentException - if type is not in the range of 0 to 255, inclusive.
    • Method Detail

      • getType

        public final int getType()
        Returns the server name type of this SNIMatcher object.
        the server name type of this SNIMatcher object.
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