Module java.base

Interface CertPathChecker

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    PKIXCertPathChecker, PKIXRevocationChecker

    public interface CertPathChecker

    Performs one or more checks on each Certificate of a CertPath.

    A CertPathChecker implementation is typically created to extend a certification path validation algorithm. For example, an implementation may check for and process a critical private extension of each certificate in a certification path.

    • Method Detail

      • init

        void init​(boolean forward)
           throws CertPathValidatorException
        Initializes the internal state of this CertPathChecker.

        The forward flag specifies the order that certificates will be passed to the check method (forward or reverse).

        forward - the order that certificates are presented to the check method. If true, certificates are presented from target to trust anchor (forward); if false, from trust anchor to target (reverse).
        CertPathValidatorException - if this CertPathChecker is unable to check certificates in the specified order
      • isForwardCheckingSupported

        boolean isForwardCheckingSupported()
        Indicates if forward checking is supported. Forward checking refers to the ability of the CertPathChecker to perform its checks when certificates are presented to the check method in the forward direction (from target to trust anchor).
        true if forward checking is supported, false otherwise
      • check

        void check​(Certificate cert)
            throws CertPathValidatorException
        Performs the check(s) on the specified certificate using its internal state. The certificates are presented in the order specified by the init method.
        cert - the Certificate to be checked
        CertPathValidatorException - if the specified certificate does not pass the check