Interface IQuickDiffReferenceProvider

  • public interface IQuickDiffReferenceProvider
    The protocol a reference provider for Quick Diff has to implement. Quick Diff references provide a reference document (an IDocument) that is used as the original against which diff information is generated.

    Extensions to the extension point quickdiff.referenceprovider have to implement this interface (plus another interface for plug-in and UI management.

    • Method Detail

      • getReference

        IDocument getReference​(IProgressMonitor monitor)
                        throws CoreException
        Returns the reference document for the quick diff display.
        monitor - a preference monitor to monitor / cancel the process, or null
        the reference document for the quick diff display or null if getting the document was canceled or there is no reference available.
        CoreException - if getting the document fails.
      • dispose

        void dispose()
        Called when the reference is no longer used and the provider can free resources.
      • getId

        String getId()
        Returns the id of this reference provider.
        the id of this provider as stated in the extending plugin's manifest.
      • setActiveEditor

        void setActiveEditor​(ITextEditor editor)
        Sets the active editor for the provider implementation. Will usually just be called right after creation of the implementation.
        editor - the active editor.
      • isEnabled

        boolean isEnabled()
        Gives the implementation a hook to publish its enablement. The action corresponding to this implementation might be grayed out or not shown at all based on the value presented here.
        false if the implementation cannot be executed, true if it can, or if it cannot be decided yet.
      • setId

        void setId​(String id)
        Sets the id of this implementation. This method will be called right after creation, and id will be set to the Id attribute specified in the extension's declaration.
        id - the provider's new id.