Class WorkbenchChainedTextFontFieldEditor

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    public class WorkbenchChainedTextFontFieldEditor
    extends PropagatingFontFieldEditor
    since 3.0 not longer in use, no longer supported, use a ChainedPreferenceStore to access preferences from the org.eclipse.ui.editors plug-in.
    This font field editor implements chaining between the workbench's preference store and a given target preference store. Any time the workbench's preference for the text font changes, the change is propagated to the target store. Propagation means that the actual text font stored in the workbench store is set as default text font in the target store. If the target store does not contain a value rather than the default text font, the new default text font is immediately effective.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • WorkbenchChainedTextFontFieldEditor

        public WorkbenchChainedTextFontFieldEditor​(String name,
                                                   String labelText,
                                                   Composite parent)
        Creates a new font field editor with the given parameters.
        name - the editor's name
        labelText - the text shown as editor description
        parent - the editor's parent widget
    • Method Detail

      • startPropagate

        public static void startPropagate​(IPreferenceStore target,
                                          String targetKey)
        Starts the propagation of the text font preference set in the workbench to given target preference store using the given preference key.
        target - the target preference store
        targetKey - the key to be used in the target preference store