Interface ITextEditorExtension2

    • Method Detail

      • isEditorInputModifiable

        boolean isEditorInputModifiable()
        Returns whether the editor's input can be persistently be modified. This is orthogonal to ITextEditorExtension.isEditorInputReadOnly as read-only elements may be modifiable and writable elements may not be modifiable. If the given element is not connected to this document provider, the result is undefined. Document providers are allowed to use a cache to answer this question, i.e. there can be a difference between the "real" state of the element and the return value.
        true if the editor input is modifiable
      • validateEditorInputState

        boolean validateEditorInputState()
        Validates the state of the given editor input. The predominate intent of this method is to take any action probably necessary to ensure that the input can persistently be changed.
        true if the input was validated, false otherwise