Class MultiPageSelectionProvider

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    IPostSelectionProvider, ISelectionProvider

    public class MultiPageSelectionProvider
    extends Object
    implements IPostSelectionProvider
    Manages the current selection in a multi-page editor by tracking the active nested editor within the multi-page editor. When the selection changes, notifications are sent to all registered listeners.

    This class may be instantiated; it is not intended to be subclassed. The base implementation of MultiPageEditor.init creates an instance of this class.

    This class is not intended to be subclassed by clients.
    • Constructor Detail

      • MultiPageSelectionProvider

        public MultiPageSelectionProvider​(MultiPageEditorPart multiPageEditor)
        Creates a selection provider for the given multi-page editor.
        multiPageEditor - the multi-page editor
    • Method Detail

      • fireSelectionChanged

        public void fireSelectionChanged​(SelectionChangedEvent event)
        Notifies all registered selection changed listeners that the editor's selection has changed. Only listeners registered at the time this method is called are notified.
        event - the selection changed event
      • firePostSelectionChanged

        public void firePostSelectionChanged​(SelectionChangedEvent event)
        Notifies all post selection changed listeners that the editor's selection has changed.
        event - the event to propogate.
      • getMultiPageEditor

        public MultiPageEditorPart getMultiPageEditor()
        Returns the multi-page editor.
        the multi-page editor.