Interface IMenuService

  • All Superinterfaces:
    IDisposable, IServiceWithSources

    public interface IMenuService
    extends IServiceWithSources

    Provides services related to the menu architecture within the workbench. It can be used to contribute additional items to the menu, tool bar and status line.

    This service can be acquired from your service locator:

     IMenuService service = (IMenuService) getSite().getService(IMenuService.class);
    • This service is available globally.
    This interface is not intended to be implemented by clients.
    This interface is not intended to be extended by clients.
    • Method Detail

      • addContributionFactory

        void addContributionFactory​(AbstractContributionFactory factory)
        Contribute and initialize the contribution factory. This should only be called once per factory. After the call, the factory should be treated as an unmodifiable object.

        Note: factories should be removed when no longer necessary. If not, they will be removed when the IServiceLocator used to acquire this service is disposed.

        factory - the contribution factory. Must not be null
        See Also:
      • removeContributionFactory

        void removeContributionFactory​(AbstractContributionFactory factory)
        Remove the contributed factory from the menu service. If the factory is not contained by this service, this call does nothing.
        factory - the contribution factory to remove. Must not be null.
      • populateContributionManager

        void populateContributionManager​(ContributionManager mgr,
                                         String location)
        Populate a ContributionManager at the specified starting location with a set of IContributionItemss. It applies AbstractContributionFactorys that are stored against the provided location.
        mgr - The ContributionManager to populate
        location - The starting location to begin populating this contribution manager. The format is the Menu API URI format.
        See Also:
      • releaseContributions

        void releaseContributions​(ContributionManager mgr)
        Before calling dispose() on a ContributionManager populated by the menu service, you must inform the menu service to release its contributions. This takes care of unregistering any IContributionItems that have their visibleWhen clause managed by this menu service.

        This will not update the ContributionManager (and any widgets). It will simply remove all menu service references to the contents of this ContributionManager.

        mgr - The manager that was populated by a call to populateContributionManager(ContributionManager, String)