Class ReadOnlyStateChecker

  • public class ReadOnlyStateChecker
    extends Object
    The ReadOnlyStateChecker is a helper class that takes a set of resource some of which may be read only and queries the user as to whether or not they wish to continue the operation on it.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ReadOnlyStateChecker

        public ReadOnlyStateChecker​(Shell parent,
                                    String title,
                                    String message)
        Create a new checker that parents the dialog off of parent using the supplied title and message.
        parent - the shell used for dialogs
        title - the title for dialogs
        message - the message for a dialog - this will be prefaced with the name of the resource.
    • Method Detail

      • checkReadOnlyResources

        public IResource[] checkReadOnlyResources​(IResource[] itemsToCheck)
        Check the supplied resources to see if they are read only. If so then prompt the user to see if they can be deleted.Return those that were accepted.
        itemsToCheck - resources to check
        the resulting selected resources
      • getIgnoreLinkedResources

        public boolean getIgnoreLinkedResources()
        Returns whether to ignore linked resources.
        true to ignore linked resources, false to consider them
      • setIgnoreLinkedResources

        public void setIgnoreLinkedResources​(boolean ignore)
        Sets whether to ignore linked resources. The default is false.
        ignore - true to ignore linked resources, false to consider them