Class ResourceVariantTreeSubscriber

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    public abstract class ResourceVariantTreeSubscriber
    extends Subscriber
    A specialization of Subscriber that uses IResourceVariantTree objects to manage the base (for three-way) and remote trees. Refreshing and obtaining the subscriber members and resource variants is delegated to the resource variant trees.
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      • ResourceVariantTreeSubscriber

        public ResourceVariantTreeSubscriber()
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      • getSyncInfo

        public SyncInfo getSyncInfo​(IResource resource)
                             throws TeamException
        Description copied from class: Subscriber
        Returns synchronization info for the given resource, or null if there is no synchronization info because the subscriber does not apply to this resource.

        Note that sync info may be returned for non-existing or for resources which have no corresponding remote resource.

        This method will be quick. If synchronization calculation requires content from the server it must be cached when the subscriber is refreshed. A client should call refresh before calling this method to ensure that the latest information is available for computing the sync state.

        The sync-info node returned by this method does not fully describe all types of changes. A more descriptive change can be obtained from the Subscriber.getDiff(IResource) method.

        Specified by:
        getSyncInfo in class Subscriber
        resource - the resource of interest
        sync info
        TeamException - if an error occurs
        See Also:
      • getSyncInfo

        protected SyncInfo getSyncInfo​(IResource local,
                                       IResourceVariant base,
                                       IResourceVariant remote)
                                throws TeamException
        Method that creates an instance of SyncInfo for the provided local, base and remote resource variants. Can be overridden by subclasses.
        local - the local resource
        base - the base resource variant or null
        remote - the remote resource variant or null
        the SyncInfo containing the provided resources
      • members

        public IResource[] members​(IResource resource)
                            throws TeamException
        Description copied from class: Subscriber
        Returns all non-transient member resources of the given resource. The result will include entries for resources that exist either in the workspace or are implicated in an incoming change. Returns an empty list if the given resource exists neither in the workspace nor in the corresponding subscriber location, or if the given resource is transient.

        This is a fast operation; the repository is not contacted.

        Specified by:
        members in class Subscriber
        resource - the resource
        a list of member resources
        TeamException - if an error occurs
      • refresh

        public void refresh​(IResource[] resources,
                            int depth,
                            IProgressMonitor monitor)
                     throws TeamException
        Description copied from class: Subscriber
        Refreshes the resource hierarchy from the given resources and their children (to the specified depth) from the corresponding resources in the remote location. Resources are ignored in the following cases:
        • if they do not exist either in the workspace or in the corresponding remote location
        • if the given resource is not supervised by this subscriber
        • if the given resource is a closed project (they are ineligible for synchronization)

        Typical synchronization operations use the statuses computed by this method as the basis for determining what to do. It is possible for the actual sync status of the resource to have changed since the current local sync status was refreshed. Operations typically skip resources with stale sync information. The chances of stale information being used can be reduced by running this method (where feasible) before doing other operations. Note that this will of course affect performance.

        The depth parameter controls whether refreshing is performed on just the given resource (depth= DEPTH_ZERO), the resource and its children (depth= DEPTH_ONE), or recursively to the resource and all its descendents (depth= DEPTH_INFINITE). Use depth DEPTH_ONE, rather than depth DEPTH_ZERO, to ensure that new members of a project or folder are detected.

        This method might change resources; any changes will be reported in a subsequent subscriber resource change event indicating changes to server sync status.

        This method contacts the server and is therefore long-running; progress and cancellation are provided by the given progress monitor.

        Specified by:
        refresh in class Subscriber
        resources - the resources
        depth - valid values are DEPTH_ZERO, DEPTH_ONE, or DEPTH_INFINITE
        monitor - progress monitor, or null if progress reporting and cancellation are not desired
        TeamException - if this method fails. Reasons include:
        • The server could not be contacted.
      • getBaseTree

        protected abstract IResourceVariantTree getBaseTree()
        Return the base resource variant tree.
      • getRemoteTree

        protected abstract IResourceVariantTree getRemoteTree()
        Return the remote resource variant tree.